Bison Feeding

The Bison Feeding Divison of InterMountain Beef

The 3,000 head facility was constructed in 2001 complete with modern bison handeling and processing facilities.

The feeding pens, which vary in capacity from 30 to 150 head, are disigned to encourage maximum performance from your bison. Feed bunks and water tanks include wide platforms for easy animal access and cable adjustment at the feedbunk to accommodate weights varying from 200 to 2000 lbs. All pens are well mounded with plenty of drainage to allow for year-round envoronmental maintenance. The entire facility exceeds all state and federal regulatory requirements.

The state-of-the-art working facility enables low stress and injury free handling of the animals wheather vaccinating, weighing, sorting, or loading.

Modern, well maintained equipment assures timely delivery of uniformly mixed rations which encourages maximum animal performance.

Nutrition & Health

The rich agricultural area of South Centeral Idaho provides an abundant variety of traditional and by-product feedstuffs, ensuring high quality, leas cost rations. All rations are professionally formulated with the help of our consulting nutritionist. Our extensive sorage facilities enable us to purchase large quantities of feedstuffs guring harvest when prices are generally at their seasonal low, helping to control ration costs.

Bison producers are encuraged to provide us with the vaccination history of the animals they place onto feed. Though we have a recommended protocol outlined by our consulting veterinarian, costly duplication can often be avoided if the vaccination history is known.

Complete medical records are kept for any animal that requires medication. Those animals are individually identifed to assure adequate withdrawal times prior to harvest.