Skim Milk Powder - Europe

     Skim Milk Powder - Europe

     Report 49 - Released on December 06, 2018

     Skim milk powder prices in Europe firmed. Pricing is higher than one year ago.

      Many buyers of SMP used within the EU are regular long-term users. They want to have supply
     assurance while attempting to impose some price certainty. Recent declining milk
     availability in Germany, France and Netherlands has increased uncertainty as to new
     production SMP short term supplies and prices. Thus, these buyers have been actively
     concluding deals for SMP in recent weeks to cover needs for the next few months. This flurry
     of activity has firmed prices. Many buyers are still holding back before committing for
     longer term commitments, deciding to wait and see how prices develop.

      The last SMP tender sale closed November 20 and 26,082 MT were sold at a minimum price of
     1313 euros/MT, up 62 euros/MT from the previous sale. So far sales of intervention stocks
     have moved about 216,000 MT. Remaining intervention stocks total 163,000 MT. The next
     tender will be December 11 and all remaining intervention stocks will be available.
     Prices for: Europe, All First Sales, Free on Board - Port, Conventional, and Edible Skim
     Milk Powder
     Price Range - 1.25% Butterfat; $/MT:                   1,800 - 1,925

     Information for the period November 26 -  December 7, 2018, issued biweekly

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