Whole Milk Powder - Europe
MD DA107 Whole Milk Powder - Europe                              

MADISON, WI.  October 12, 2017 (REPORT 41)                       

WESTERN EUROPE                                                   
INFORMATION GATHERED  10/02/2017 - 10/13/2017                    
U.S. DOLLARS PER METRIC TON, FOB PORT                            


       European whole milk powder prices weakened. Demand is characterized as very 
quiet. Weak demand applies to both internal European demand for WMP manufactured 
in Europe, as well as export demand. New Zealand typically is the primary global 
exporter of WMP. Manufacturers with options often direct milk into other 
products. This overall situation is not expected to change soon.
       The Dairy Market News international monthly average price in dollars /metric 
ton for Western Europe WMP prices in September, 2017, $3,755, compares with 
$2,873 one year earlier.
26% BUTTERFAT:                           3,400 - 3,725           

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