InterMountain Beef Producers has a variety of pen sizes to meet almost any need. Modern hospital and processing facilities help our management team achieve their reputation of success. Our consulting veterinarian is also a great asset to the team.

Financing Options

InterMountain Beef Producers can finance 100% of your feed costs and 70% of the value of your cattle at the time they are placed in our lot, with competitive rates only slightly above prime.


Cattle are fed several times each day, ensuring they receive all the fresh feed they will eat. All rations are professionally formulated with the help of our consulting nutritionist. Our extensive feed storage facilities enable us to buy large quantities of feedstuffs during harvest periods when prices are generally at their seasonal low. A continuous flow water system provides cattle with a constant supply of fresh water.

Cattle Performance

InterMountain Beef Producers utilizes a computerized management system which provides our customers with accurate information on processing, feed consumption, cost of grain, gain per day, feed conversion, and carcass data.