InterMountain Beef is a unique combination of both the pride and experience that is an integral part of a third-generation family business and a commitment ot the latest in training and technology. We will assist you with profit projections and risk management options. InterMountain Beef has all the programs and options of a larger feedlot but with the ability to customize and personalize each program to your individual needs.

A Family Tradition
InterMountain Beef is a family owned and operated feedlot located in South Central Idaho. Originally founded in 1946 by Henry Jones and Jones Livestock, the feeding tradition is now continued by Henry's family. The 12,000 head feedlot is now managed by Cevin Jones. Along with our Custom Feeding business, we also buy feeder cattle, forward contract and partnership feed. In addition to finishing we also background cattle of all classes and weights.
Location and Climate
InterMountain Beef occupies 200 acres in the heart of the Magic Valley, 12 miles East of Twin Falls, Idaho. Our central location to four packers enables us to offer our customers greater marketing options. The rich agricultural area of South Central Idaho provides our business with an abundant variety of traditional and bi-product feedstuffs, ensuring high quality, least cost rations. Located in a semi-arid climate, we generally receive 8-10 inches of total precipitation per year.
Futures Quotes
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Triple Digit Gains for Cotton -

Midday cotton prices are up by triple digits. December futures are 233 points stronger so far on 113,920 contracts of OI. The LOC high for Dec 21

Corn Prices Gaining at Midday -

Corn is trading through the midday portion of the Wednesday session with 4 to 5 1/2 cents. EIA data reflecting the week that ended 10/15 showed

Soy Market Rallying -

Front month beans are working higher through the midweek’s midday with double digit gains of at least 14 cents. Meal futures are up $3.70 to $4.40

Mixed Wednesday in Cattle -

Cattle prices are 12 to 32 cents higher in the deferred months, but down by 12 to 17 cents nearby. The CME announced another 10 October deliveries

Wheat Prices are Rallying so far -

Domestic wheat futures are up for the midweek session. CBT prices are 8 to 11 1/4 cents higher so far. KC HRW prices are 5 3/4 to 9 1/2 cents in the

Lean Hogs Trading Lower -

Front month lean hog futures are down for midday, giving back 10 to 45 cents. USDA’s National Average Base hog price was $66.21 this morning after

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